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This letter has been submitted by Jason Chen, 38


Dear Editor,

I refer to the Straits Times forum letter “Government has achieved much, but trust remains an issue” by Catherine Lim, published on June 16, 2014.

I am afraid Dr Lim has mistaken anger for mistrust.

There is no denial that a section of the populace in Singapore is angry with the PAP government.

But to equate this to mistrust of the government is totally wrong and who is Lim to speak on behalf of one whole nation?

A person can be angry with another person but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t trust the other person.
Similarly, a person needn’t be angry with another person to distrust the other person.

Thus, we can see that anger does not mean mistrust and vice-versa.

Imagine this:

Year 2016

Economically, it has been gloomy since the start of the year.

US just announced 3 days ago that 5 of its biggest banks have filed for Chapter 11.

USD is now USD 1 to SGD 1.

Europe also announced the devaluation of its currency.

Euro 1 is now USD 1.

Both US and Europe are heading for a big economic recession.


It is Polling Day today.

You are a rational person.

But you are still angry with the PAP Government.

But WP again repeated its stand that it is not ready to form the government. It just wants to continue to act as a co-driver.


Who would you vote? I know who you will vote.

I am writing because of frustration with these types who think they claim to speak on behalf of all.







  1. I agree. In fact, one of my first (of several) reactions to her open letter was precisely that: who is she to be speaking for the majority of the population? Was this claim based on any surveys conducted? If so, they were omitted.

    Certainly one segment of the population cannot be said to represent everyone. My family members, many friends and associates certainly do not fall into the category that Dr Lim describes.

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