10 things Singaporean women want men to know

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So yesterday we were told divorce rates are increasing and marriage rates are dropping. Damn, that’s depressing news. As a woman, I thought I’d better share a thing or two before these numbers get worse…guys, read up… then do your nation proud by making us a few babies!


 1. The Apollo’s Belt


Ok, we’re shallow. So let’s get this out of the way first :P


2. Emotional stability


Because there are so many fish in pond, we need to be convinced why you want to be with us. If you can’t explain this in two sentences, within 30 seconds – you’re in the friend-zone.


 3. Financial security


We don’t need you to pay for us – today’s women are just happy you can keep up with our lifestyle. But of course a bit of generosity every now and then doesn’t harm.


4. Comfortable With Physical Contact


We like men who are comfortable with expressing non-sexual affection freely. Hugs, innocent skin-to-skin contact and the such are usually nice to have. Not everything physical has to do with bumping the nasties.


5 Animal-Lovers And Likes Children


Ever seen a guy handle kids and animals well? He’s definitely a keeper. It’s all gotta do with the guy being capable of caring for something that has no ability to fend for itself or benefit him.


6. A Master Chef (or an attempted one)


A man know who’s how to whip up a Hainanese Chicken Rice dinner or impress the parents with a multi-course meal is one to keep for.


7. Eloquence

Sure, you may be fluent in Hokkien, but that’s not enough! There’s just something about the way a man carries himself (classily) when he speaks eloquently that we find oh so sexy! The only time dirty words are okay is in the bedroom.

I mean, check out this interview with Ryan Gosling!



8. Spontaneity


We like men who take charge of a situation and push the relationship forward. We like men who take initiative. We don’t ask for new things every second of our lives but dare to take a step out of the norm in our shared times. It keeps things interesting.


9. A Sense Of Humour


There’s only so much a pretty face or a hot body can do in the long run. What better than to have your personal Hossan Leong? Someone who’s witty enough, to make the funniest statements!


10. Ambition


There’s nothing worse than a lazy ass who’s contented with his lot in life. You want your man to be a go-getter, to have dreams and to fight for it. Not to stay at home and be engrossed with Facebook.








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4 thoughts on “10 things Singaporean women want men to know

  1. The sheer unlikelihood of finding this unicorn man notwithstanding, I’d like to ask whether such a man would want a Singaporean girl when he could land a Korean or European?

  2. What a interesting article, which makes the Singaporean girls sounds abit normal..but…i guess all guys know they are not that kind. Everything have to be about the money money money..money-faced girls are the mascot of Singapore! Always after angmoh, or guys with certain level of wealth! Typical singaporean chicks!

  3. i believe it is every human right to WANT something, i also believe that you have to offer something in return.

    Doesnt quite make sense to me when women here want these attributes from men but they do not have anything similar to offer in return. Just because some women are ‘pretty’ who knows how to cook maggi noodles doesnt mean you can expect the world. If all you have is ‘pretty’ then don’t expect ‘nice’ men to not use you.

    I don’t believe that it is solely wealth that Singaporean women want, and to be honest i really do not know what they want. What i DO feel is that their expectations far exceeds that of what they can offer.

    This maybe a general statement and does not apply to ALL women which i have met and dated here in Singapore.

    I will expecting a whole lot of women out there finding the need to pull my eyeballs out but then again this is my observation and i maybe wrong.

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