10 traits Singaporean men find attractive in women


So yesterday I saw Samantha’s article about what she wants men to know (on this site), I thought it be fair to do one about what men find attractive in women!

Here we go, a male equivalent: 10 Things that Singaporean Men Find Attractive in Women.


1. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”


Yeah, rather than just say we like boobs and ass, we want to quote Gestalt theory to make us sound more intellectual rather than shallow.


2. A lack of temper


There is no such thing as a woman without temper. No. Such. Thing. But please, please, please control it can?


3. A short memory


Yes, that’s right. A woman with a long memory is a scary thing! For example, quarrels – there must be an expiry date in quarrels! You cannot bring precedential judgment into today’s argument! You cannot remind us what we failed at 5 years ago! Not fair!


4. Trust


Yes, yes…the popular opinion is that men are not trustworthy. But you have to accord us a fair amount of trust! If we did fail you, then please breakup with us… because what is a relationship without trust? If we have been replying your calls, answering your messages and generally there for you – please trust us! Not all men are scum *wink*


5. The Dip In The Spine


Ok, now that we have got trust in place, let’s turn he-bimbo for a moment. Here’s a part of you that we men find incredibly attractive. We’re not quite sure what exactly it is about that area but it’s incredibly sexy.


6. Kawaii Potatoes


Cute ladies are the in-thing. Seriously! It’s all about the little quirks – ranging from that occasional pout to when you get flustered – you have that make you uniquely attractive and adorable.


7. The Good Girl Who’s Naughty For That One Guy


Where the ladies want a bad boy who’ll be good for them, we want a good girl who’ll be naughty for us. Call us hedonists but that’s just the way it is. There’s something incredibly exciting about a classy lady or cute girlfriend/wife who’s brimming with ideas and open to possibilities just for us behind close doors.


8. Face doesn’t matter. Seriously!


Surely we men are not entirely shallow beings. Quite, but not entirely. We do enjoy a pretty face but we’d rather have a plain woman who we can live life with almost any day.


9. Dress Sense


How you dress is quite telling of who you are. We like women who know how to dress to accentuate parts of them they find are attractive. We also like women who know how to dress according to the occasion.


10. Capable Of Constructive Conversation


There’s a fine line between having an opinion, and being able to express it and stand by it, and being a pushy b*tch about it. Most women cross that line.

It’s all about eloquence and communication.

At least personally, I find women who are capable of forming opinions and perspectives, and communicating, incredibly attractive. A woman who doesn’t feel the need to argue and is confident in herself regardless of whether the man agrees is VERY attractive indeed.








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