10 ways to get a pay raise


A good company would factor in a small percentage of natural increase in salary each year to deal with inflation. If your company hasn’t been increasing your salary, you better do something about it. Because by sitting there doing nothing, you’re being robbed of your income. Yes… Inflation is the naughty little thief that unfortunately has to exist in any growing economy.


1. Do things better and faster


If you want the company to pay you exceptionally more, you have to show that you can do exceptionally more. Either you’re more effective in doing your work, more creative in developing solutions or just better at bringing in more sales, you have to provide a logical reason for HR to justify a pay rise.


2. Demonstrate new skills


If you can bring your skills across departments, building solutions and solving problems – you’re a keeper. With multiple skill sets, you will have the ability to get things done better.


3. Get the necessary qualifications


Not that paper qualifications are that big a deal anymore in today’s corporate environment, but by showing you have committed yourself to learning something and completing a project in learning, you also show that you are dedicated to doing something. Being qualified also opens doors to more interesting work and wider fields.


4. Show in depth knowledge in what you do


If you find yourself unable to carry on a conversation about your industry, the issues surrounding your industry and the competitors in your industry, you have a problem – a problem of stagnating pay. If you don’t understand your work, then you’re just a pawn in the game of corporate chess. And pawns are cheap to get rid of.


5. Don’t just talk about the solutions, make the solutions


It is easy for a marketing person to say, “oh let’s use Facebook to forward our marketing efforts”… but exactly how is that going to be done? It is easy to say “We need to do this better”, but again… how? When you can demonstrate how it is done, there is good reason to increase your value.



6. Make your presence indispensable


If you wield so much influence in your company, have the solutions to every problem or hold the relationships to customers your business needs, you will have your boss on your little finger.


7. But don’t make yourself irreplaceable


But being indispensable, doesn’t mean you should be irreplaceable. If no one else can take over your job, how on earth is your employer going to promote you for bigger things?


8. Don’t have a “oh i’m just here to do a job” attitude


Some people have a “oh whatever” attitude. Just get any certification just give me my salary. Just finish my work and I’ll end the day. Just do my work, live each day at a time. If you don’t innovate, develop and hone your skills – you’ll just be stuck doing what you’re doing…for a long, long time. And your salary together with it too.


9.  Just ask for the damn raise


It’s like asking for date. Either you get it, or you don’t.


10. And if you don’t get it, fire your boss. 


And if after doing all the above, and you still don’t get a raise… then fire your boss. Trust me, Singapore has a tight labour market and many other employers will fight to pay for your type of skills and attitude.


Seriously though, ask for the raise. You need it. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.








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