6 Things No One’s Saying About That Fung Brothers Singapore & Malaysia Video


We’re sure you’ve seen the video hailed as “tongue-in-cheek guide to food in Malaysia & Singapore”. If not here it is:


How come everyone’s missing the obvious?


1. It’s clearly a viral video attempt by Ayam brand. I mean, come on. The lyric “Ayam brand got so many flavours” at 1:04 was a dead giveaway. Actually it’s two products, Ayam brand coconut milk, and then Ayam brand curry paste. And you thought Ayam was just tuna right? You got schooled yo! Thanks to this heavily marketed, carefully seeded, inorganic viral video.


2. Somebody please explain to these two jiak kantang that it’s pronounced char kway TEE-OW. Every time I hear “char kway too” it hurts my soul. My fried noodle-loving soul.


3. Er…. Auntie ah. Your use of kiasu at 2:49 is incorrect leh. Where are you from? No, where are you REALLY from? Shanghai issit? Do you mean suaku? Or? I dunno, just…. don’t.


4. The “Cook curry for me” segment (which is about Malaysia) is waaaaay better than the weird Clueless-inspired video featuring Psy’s backup dancers and a porno teacher (which is about Singapore. Sigh). I think it’s the quality of the Cook Curry for Me melody and soundtrack, which is a Jason Derulo track called Talk Dirty…



5. The Fung Brothers were born in America to mainland Chinese parents. They wouldn’t know a good rendang if it were thrown in their face. They probably tried to drink coconut milk out of a glass.


6. This video cannot make it. We are just so excited to have a video about us on YouTube that we ignored how #fail it is. Sigh. Sad.


However the news is not all bad. Here are some good foreigners-youtubing-about Singapore videos. Much funnier.


Yes We Can, Lah.


American Does Flawless Taxi Uncle Accent.







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