7 (full) local horror movies you can watch this 7th Month.


The 7th month is upon us and if you’re stuck at home alone, in reservists at old, lonely camp, studying in a quiet classroom or working overtime in an office… why not watch one of these 7 horror shows to freak yourself out?


1.  3 Doors of Horrors 2014 (44mins)

This is fresh off the oven – gotta watch this!


2. Old Tampines Road (2mins 50sec)

Be respectful to offerings during the 7th month


3. Insolence (10 minutes)

Grumpy by nature, a young man accidentally kicks some offerings placed on the ground but fails to pay respect and curses at the offerings. Watch the movie to see what happens to him. Based on a True Story.


4. Knock Knock, Siapa Tu? (8 mins)

A young Singaporean Malay boy was home alone, anxiously waiting for his mother’s return from work. On this awful night, he experienced something..odd inside the house. It seems like someone played a prank on him by knocking on the main door and then not show up.


5. Pontianak 2005 (15 mins)

Kharis, a single father must first conquer his inner demons to save his daughter, Sophia from turning into one.


6. Fishing Buddy (4 minutes)

2 fishing buddies are out on a weekly fishing trip but this time round a new “friend” decided to join them.


7. The Maid (1hr 30min, watch it before it gets removed!)









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