Kids of the near future would have forgotten what these games are


iPhone, iThis, iThat… our kids are so glued to these damn devices, they’ve probably forgotten how to play with real objects anymore.

We think that it won’t be too long, kids will look at this page and go “huh, what talking they?”


1) Rubik Cube

It’s a cube with lots of colours and will drive you up the wall. The most intelligent kids can solve this in minutes. We say the kid of the future would ask you where to tap to get to the help menu.




2) Five Stones

It’s fun… and it doesn’t come with an option to change colours or adapt to your skill difficulty on demand.



3) String Game

“Play with string?! You got problem or not?!” said the kid of the future…



4) Rubber Band Shapes

In the future, rubber bands will be reduced to just holding things together.



5) Ji Gu Ba – A more sophisticated “Scissors Paper Stone”

Forgive the vulgar sounding name, but big, big decisions have been made by this simple tool of arbitration.



6) Continuity Game

Dunno how it works right? It’s the continuation of words that will test your vocabulary max.

Here’s how it goes.

i) Person A says a word – any word. Example: “Monkey”
ii) Person B continues by saying a word that has to start with the sound of the last syllable said by Person A. The last syllable of Monkey is “key” so an appropriate sounding word could be “Kilogram”
iii) Person A then has to choose a word starting with the sound of “gram”. Example: Grammy
iv) And it continues until one person forfeits.


7) Gratitude Game

This is a “feel good game” to encourage the feelings of gratitude and appreciation.
It starts with Person A asking the question: What are you grateful for today? Person B then replies with some elaboration, eg: “I am grateful/thankful for fresh air to breathe and non hazy air. Compared to last year in June, its nice to enjoy being outdoors!”
Then Person B asks the same question and so on and so forth.



8) Flag Eraser Wrestling

What do you do in an 80’s/90’s classroom when you teacher is boring and when the iPhone hasn’t been invited yet to take away your boredom? Well, you can either talk to yourself or get your partner to play this fab game with you.

The only caveat is that you have to forfeit your eraser if you lose, hur hur hur…



9) Tic Tac Toe

This is an all time favourite. Simple and yet mostly to end in a draw if both parties play it right. No egos bruised :)


10) Zero Point

Rubber bands in abundance? Want to see some good ol’ injuries? Training to be an acrobat? This game needs no introduction.










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