NLB Pulping: Fine, I have no stand. Do I really need one for everything?

This NLB pulping issue is getting on my nerves.

First, it was a pro-family/anti-LGBT vs pro-LGBT/anti-family issue.

Then people say it’s not just LGBT vs family but it is about murdering vs loving books.

Then it goes further beyond, that actually it is censorship vs literary freedom.

And whatever you say mildly in favour of NLB, you’re LGBT-hater, religious conservative bigot, book-murderer, ruthless censor.

If you are mildly against NLB, you’re family-hater, have no sexual morals, book fanatic, dangerous advocate for free-for-all literary content.

Guess what.  I’m neither of the above.

I’m not Christian, I’m buddhist.  Not really very devout, but buddhism on the whole is quite silent on LGBTs. Buddhism mostly says love all human beings.

So, I respect individuals who choose to be LGBTs.

But I am currently in a heterosexual marriage with children, and I think it is sensible to encourage heterosexual marriages, cos after all, procreation is still easiest between man and woman. Assuming there is an equal chance between a heterosexual couple and homosexual couple to bring up good children, society still does better if heterosexual marriages are the norm. Hence, I do not wish to see LGBT become social norm. Liddat, can?

As for books, I’m not an avid reader, but i hope to have access to a variety of things to read. I thoroughly enjoy books like Harry Potter, 1Q84 (and everything Murakami), and Fifty Shades of Grey, and will hate to see any of these banned.

But if one day they do get banned, guess that will free up some time for Lord of the Rings series, and maybe everything Shakespeare, plus some more Malcolm Gladwell and hopefully get to read more other deeply insightful material rather than un-intelligent entertainment trash.

Should probably have enough to last me a long time since I also need to balance between bringing my kids to sunny places, get enough exercise time, and sleep.

I wish NLB can be less callous about pulping the books, because that really looks like a slap on people who disagrees with the ban, but I can see how that is quite a practical thing to do if they are not going to put the books back on the shelves.

On censorship, well, I wouldn’t want to see porn painted all over town. Neither do I just want to see docile pictures of sheeps and deers and pretty flowers.  It is sometimes quite hard to draw the line, especially when the flowers attract birds and bees.

At the same time, I don’t feel very much about the book with 3 penguins or the one about swans, because I probably will not read them, or have my kids read them. And it does not make me or my kids any more homosexual or homophobic reading or not reading the books.

So if you’re thoroughly confused by now, it’s quite alright and I’m not really apologetic. Because, honestly, I don’t have a clear stand about the whole fiasco, and quite happy with the status quo ….

*Gasp* did I just say “status quo”????  Now, that’s such a dirty dirty bad word.  We should really ban and pulp it from all our vocabulary!


  1. Happy for diverse opinions to surface over routine such as books and censorship, so now it is left to agreeing to move on. A step to a gracious and knowledgeable society might well be accepting others’ opinion ungrudgingly.

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