Reality TV shows S’poreans should make

Tired of all those American stuff? Medicorp should consider investing in these…


1. Sundays at Lucky Plaza

Follows four domestic workers and what exploits they get up to on their days off. Boyfriends, parties, shopping, church, catfights and more.


2. Expat Teens

A look into the secret lives of young expatatriate children in Singapore. What is international school like? How different is their education system of ours? What’s it like growing up in a foreign culture? Is it true they get away with murder living in Asia?


3. Tai Tais in Training

Like The Real Housewives of Singapore, but focusing on their daughters, and mums advice to them on how to look good, lunch with the ladies, and snag a (rich) man.


4. Sentosa Cove

Our very own The Hills. Follows the behind-the-scenes tales and exploits of families living in Singapore’s richest address.


5. Queen of Caldecott

E-Channel style behind the scenes of Zoe Tay, mum, wife, actress and Singapore’s biggest tv star.


6. Death Row

Meet the inmates, counsellours, priests, Changi prison wardens, and hangmen. A peek into a world nobody sees.


7. Kopi Tiam Politics

The Drinks stall auntie is a bully, the mee pok stall uncle gave the nasi padang makcik pork lard by mistake. How do average hawkers handle the pressure of lunch hour?


8. The Zoo

Half reality TV, half wildlife documentary, a behind-the-scenes look at the everyday lives of zookeepers, zoologists, botanists, cleaners at one of the world’s best zoos.


9. Chasing The Dream

Follows four young Singaporeans who’ve left the rat race to pursue alternate careers overseas. A musician, artist, fashion designer, life coach, screenwriter and actor. Follow their struggles and journeys and understand why they chose to leave Singapore – and what would lure them back


10. The BTO

A young couple, a family of five, a single woman, and three brothers and sisters are trying to buy a flat in Singapore. Here’s what happens.


Forget the E Channel. I’d flick to Channel 5 to watch these shows in a second!





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