ST is angry with NLB who is angry with ST


Check out this amazeballs letter written by T.Sundraraj, Director of Comms at NLB to the Straits Times. It starts with:

“I REFER to your sensational article (“NLB had pulled more books off its shelves”; yesterday) announcing that we had removed “at least six children’s titles… three more than (earlier) confirmed”. Your report implies we had been misleading.”

Sundraraj was expressing annoyance with an earlier article the newspaper published, insinuating the library also got rid of other books because of customer feedback.


So the library clarified that this was not so…


The lol moment came when the ST Forums editor replied with a cold remark after the letter:

“Our report was not meant to be sensational”


Then the editor proceeded to chide the good Director of Comms at NLB:

“We had asked NLB to clarify the number of books withdrawn recently after learning that there were more than three, but the NLB did not respond to our queries, until this letter”.




Screencap from Straits Times here:







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