The Five Spoil Market SG Proposal Videos You Haven’t Seen


If you haven’t already seen the epic video of local boy Marcus proposing to his girlfriend Georgia at a restaurant in East Coast, brace yourself. It’s just the right balance of grand gesture, sincere sentiment and self-deprecating humour. The couple are clearly in love, and Marcus’ bros look like the kind of guys you want on your team.

Not to mention – brilliant product placement! Nice job, guys!

Can’t get enough? Here are five more proposal videos we scoped out on the interwebs from Singaporean couples:


1. Brandon’s Super Tech Geek Proposal

This one got remote control helicopter, led lights and some crazy glow in the dark letters. Go geeks go!



2. The Disappearing Boyfriend One

Eugene’s disappearance the day of the proposal made Zhen Shi worry so much she could barely pay attention to the video within a video! HIlariously, Eugene got a telling off when he got down on one knee “I was very worried lor!” Zhen Shi cried out through tears. Cute lah. Wifey material, already liao. Bilingual peeps represent, this guy’s proposal video within a video is in both Mandarin and English!


3. The Overnight PIano Man

He knows nothing about music but learnt to play a Lee Hom piece on the piano, and his best friends helped him serenade her! Shame the bride looks decidedly underwhelmed. : /


4. The Gardens by The Bay One

A remote control car, a great location, a well written love letter and good friends. This young man showed romance need not be extravagant or slick, just earnest. Go straight to 4:07 for the good bit.


5. The One With The Ferrari

And then there’s this one where the bride answers a quiz question, gets a drive of a lifetime in a Ferrari and ends up at a room in MBS.


But guys, I hear your complaining, and as much as you might think these spoil market, take it from me, she just wants you to show up, speak from your heart, and make her feel like you put in some effort because you appreciate her – that’s the real grand gesture. And you don’t need a lavish wedding proposal to give her that. Although a little planning, paying attention to details and enlisting help from your friends certainly doesn’t hurt! Good luck you crazy kids!







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