10 Exotic Places To Make Out In Singapore

You’ve tried the cinema, the car, the parks maybe even the HDB staircases and stair wells.

Well, how about more exotic locations?

1)           Merlion Hotel

1 Merlion Hotel

In 2011, the Merlion was transformed to a fully functioning hotel room as part of the Singapore Biennale.

Reservations of $150/night were quickly snapped up! Hear the lion roar!

Will we have it for 2014 Singapore Biennale again? Make some noise and maybe it’ll be back!

Source: http://blog.nus.edu.sg/gwusp/page/5/


2) Haw Par Villa


A tourist attraction which is still hanging around. Not for the faint hearted!

Source: http://www.singaporeupdate.com/attractions.htm


3) Rock Quarry on Pulau Ubin

Some rugged and rocky places to rock and roll perhaps?

3 Ubin



4) Top of the Lighthouse at Tanjong Rhu (former Cosy Bay)

4 TJRLighthouse

No boats around to warn, don’t wake up the residents though!



5) Jelutong Tower at MacRitchie Reservoir

5 jelutong

Little bit shaky perhaps, but great lush green views guaranteed!


6) HSBC Treetop Walk at MacRitchie Reservoir


Since you are around the area, might as well

trek another few km down to the bridge. For a higher shake sensation! Maybe some monkeys too!



7) Butterfly Park in Changi Airport


Cocoons, flying, aircon comfort. Might be the perfect place :)



8) Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage at the Botanic Gardens

8 Botanic Gardens

Venue to countless performances, music, song and dance. The stage is set for you!



9) Cable Car

9 Cable Car

Now that everyone is focused on the Singapore Flyer, perhaps there’ll be less people here now? Watch out for the Angry Birds!

Angry Birds are landing on Singapore Cable Car This June Holidays


10) Labrador Secret Tunnel

10 Labrador

Afraid of heights and prefer a cool, musky area?

These tunnels were used by the British Army during World War II and were rediscovered only recently in 2001.

Wow…group bookings too :P

Guess its not too secret a tunnel anymore!

*Latest on the YourSingapore.com website: Please note that the Secret Tunnel at the Labrador Nature Reserve is closed for maintenance work and is not open to the public until further notice.



Contributed by Andy Tan





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