20 Things You’ll Never (Okay, Rarely) Hear A Singaporean Say

1. “The Esplanadade does not resemble a durian in any way shape or form. I categorically deny this nickname.”


2 “It’s a sunny day. Let’s sit outside and enjoy the heat!”


3. “Chicken essence is not good for you.”


4. “Birds nest is not good for you.”


5. “Gardens By The Bay is not good for you.”


6. “When I drive I always stick to my lane all the way.”


7. “ERP is a very fair system for road tax.”


8. “I have no time to take photos of my food.”


9. “Why are you taking photos of your food?”


10. “Buffets are not good value for money.”


11. “Can we change the subject? I’m bored of talking about food.”


12. “Correct lah, chicken rice is from Malaysia. They did it first”


13. “My favourite place in the world to visit is JB!”


14. “Hey someone left their tissue packet on the food court table. I wonder why.”


15. “I simply adore trying to get a taxi during peak hour!!”


16. “Singapore ah, weather everyday sunny, damn shiok la. We are so lucky.”


17. “My boyfriend asked me to apply for an HDB flat with him. He is sooooooo romantic.”


18. “You want to cut queue? Of course, no problem!”


19. “Today my taxi driver was totally normal. He dropped me off at my destination without incident.”


And the top thing you’ll never hear a Singaporean say…….


20. “Remember the glory days when we were still part of Malaysia?”


We Singaporeans have plenty of complaints – from train delays to haze.

So, we wanted to find out what Singaporeans on the street have to say.

Are we really a miserable bunch of unhappy people?

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