I learnt how much security officers get paid, and it is appalling


This article has been contributed by Fang Li-Er


Safety: You never appreciate it until you’ve felt the opposite. A few years ago, my sister’s third floor apartment near Holland Road was broken into. The thieves made off with jewellery, money and other valuables. But what they took most of all was a sense of safety, replaced by the feeling of always being uncomfortable in her home, checking every door twice and locking things up obsessively. Her apartment building did not have security staff, and I wish it had. From then on, having a guardpost has been key in choosing a place to live.

Make no mistake. Security guards make a difference. Once when I was locked out of my place in Thomson, the security guard waited with me by my condo until the locksmith came, and accompanied me to the ATM to get cash for the locksmith.

 security officer 2

They give you a sense of assurance and they’re always there to give a hand when the need calls for it. Although crime is low and policing in Singapore is pretty awesome, they can’t be everywhere all the time. We need the presence of security guards.

When I read that security guards earn a paltry $800 a month on average, I was appalled. (See: http://news.asiaone.com/news/singapore/rise-pay-security-guards-put) Is that how much we value a safe and secure environment?

These guys work awful hours, need to be alert for suspicious activity and prowl your estates and whom are responsible for keeping houses and offices safe get paid less than a cleaner? Before CPF? Ridiculous.

Cleaners are covered by the Progressive Wage Model (an NTUC initiative) which compels the employer to start paying a minimum pay of $1200. I think this PWM needs to happen for the security industry.

security officer 1

(T. Mogan, pictured center, is the head of the Security Association of Singapore and he was quoted to have resisted the Progressive Wage Model for the security industry)

I’m not convinced that a security officer should be paid this low. It is a job that involves risk, risk of confrontation with dodgy people, risk of being exposed to danger. It is also physically tiring, having to stay awake at ungodly hours. There is also good customer service to deliver, they need to be as polite as possible and deal gingerly with impatient residents.

We need to motivate these guards to want to do a good job. If they get paid so little, they’ll have to look for second and third jobs, which seems appalling when you consider the important work they are doing – ie keeping us safe, and making sure we never have to stress about locking every window or standing alone at night.

It is a dignified job, it is a good job and it is even a job that makes society better. I don’t buy the idea of “high business costs” or “poor business” to keep their salaries low. If business is that difficult or that bad, then the industry has to consolidate. Free up resources for the more agile companies that know how to do business. When I was doing research on this I realized that the majority of these jobs across America, with the exception of the jobs in Fort Walton Beach as a security guard are grossly underpaid and under respected.

Opportunist companies who are merely there to make a quick buck, should shut.

What about the use of technology? Do you really need to employ a large platoon of staff to start with? How about surveillance equipment? This way the officer can watch over many things at once. There are Inclusive Growth Project (IGP) funds to help with financing these projects.

This is an issue of bread and butter. We’re very good at complaining that the government has a lack of regulation to keep salaries high, but when there are too many regulations, we complain that this country is too legalistic for comfort.

What I hope now is that it is from the ground up, we get businessmen to review their own businesses and find ways to pay their staff better through their own initiatives.








  1. The industry at least in Florida is nothing but cut throat being about 300 firms are licensed in this state and they all are trying to get contracts. The problem is that due to this companies themselves have degraded what security guard work was meant to be in regards to keeping an eye on property and people. Many in fact from around the country come to Florida for its “right-to-work-or-be-fired” work theme. In Florida the pay is peckish if not absurd with little or no benefits to speak of. Traditional guard work is being tainted with extra none related work i.e. the politically correct word “valued added services” in order to get the client to sign off. I see it everywhere here security guards doing things not related to the job at all from cleaning out fleet vehicles (they are supposed to be watching over) to delivering mail and packages (so who’s watching the lobby or front door?) and the list goes on. Why hire a firm that pays its people 12.00 and hour that does nothing but security when you can hire the other firm that pays 9.25 and hour and get the guards to do other stuff. An unwritten rule here seems to be “hey-work-or-go-someplace-else” attitude and they can do that. It seems to be also an acceptation that the rotating door of turn around is an expected. I worked for G4S aka Wackenhut for 26 years and made very good money but when the firm opened a few offices in Florida I decided to follow. That was a mistake and now I’m making 10.25 and doing things I never did before. I plan on moving back once things settle or go back to being a bagger at Publix at least there respect was constant and you where treated like a person. These companies are the very term of cheap labor here in because Florida is the cheap labor state and I fear is becoming nation wide for an industry that should be what it was meant to be’ security not armed paperboy slash mail carrier and custodian. JMHO peeps..watch yours butts out there. Neo

  2. Security guards get paid exactly what they’re worth. If the job wasn’t worth the pay, people wouldn’t work it – they would pick alternatives that pay better. This would mean the security firm would have no employees and would be forced to raise what they pay their security guards if they hoped to ever fill their open positions.

    When you apply for a job you accept a given level of pay. You don’t get to agree to do a job for a certain amount, and then suddenly start complaining that the pay is too low. If you don’t like it, don’t accept the position.

  3. .Being a security guard myself, it’s sad that this is always seen as a lowly profession few people would want to be in.The pay is pathetic in comparison to the long hours put in.Being in my fifties job scopes are limited so it’s usually this or drive a cab.

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