Our Fave Robin Williams Movie Moments

Mrs Doubtfire, The Birthday Dinner

No one did voices like RW, and this one, an elderly English nanny, was one of the best.

We love this scene because it shows his two characters colliding.

Aladdin, A Friend Like Me

As the crazy genie, he practically made the movie.

There are too many good songs but this one showcases his innumerable accents and voices.
What Dreams May Come, Sometimes When You Win, You Lose

My all-time favourite film of his. In this scene, he goes to save his wife who has committed suicide.

Chillingly prognostic.
Patch Adams, The children’s ward

Dr Adams making terminally ill children laugh by putting bedpans on his head like a hat and on his feet like shoes.

This is what Robin Williams lived to do wasn’t it? Make people laugh at his own expense.
Goodwill Hunting, It’s not your fault

This is the moment when the gentle psychologist finally gets through to the angry young genius. This scene reminds us why he got the Oscar for this role.
Good Morning Vietnam, Goooooooooooood Morning Vi-Et-Nam!

When this film came out everyone was mimicking his long draw-out morning greeting!
The Birdcage, Madonna! Madonna! Madonna!

Alongside the epic Nathan Lane and Hank Azaria, one of the funniest farce films of all time.

And he did camp so well.
Bicentennial Man, It’s 10:15, Sir

Another tender, poignant story of the human condition. As told by a robot.

Even parodying an android’s lack of comic timing, Robin Williams is funny.


Toys, Trailer

Although it didn’t do well in the box office, this film is beautifully art directed and featured Robin Williams as the heir to a whimsical toy factory.
One Hour Photo, Hotel scene

Flexing his acting chops, he played a lonely man stalking a perfect family, in this chilling tale.
Dead Poets Society, Oh Captain my captain

Of course, the seminal Robin Williams moment. When his characters students pledge their allegiance to their disgraced teacher,

using a poem he taught them in his class.


Bonus: His Oscar Acceptance Speech for Goodwill Hunting

We were most touched by the emphatic yelp he lets out while hugging close friend and Oscar host Billy Crystal.

Truly, he was a sensitive man, who used his many talents to the fullest.

Thank you for all the moments, and may you rest in peace.

We hope all who struggle with depression and mental illness will seek treatment, find their voice and get the help they need.
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