SMRT learns how to play fair

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After a smack on the wrist by transport daddy LTA, SMRT is now urging schools to consider chartering of trains during off-peak hours. (So no, Citibank you may not charter a train to ferry all your workers every morning).

Lee Ling Wee, managing director for trains went on Facebook to say this, “We are grateful that the school informed us beforehand as it gave us time to make the operational scheduling decisions that minimised inconvenience to other commuters along the line”.

Which is fair enough – image squeezing with 3000 sweaty teenage school boys, oozing with testosterone.


(like this)

Lee went on to explain that even though it looks like mayhem in the mornings, the trains are actually under utilised by 20 to 30 percent during off peak hours.

“We encourage more schools in the neighbourhoods located close to MRT stations to consider such charters, during off-peak periods, should they see a need to move a large number of students along our network,” she continued. “All things considered, we feel the effort was genuine and worthwhile as it transported a large number of students efficiently and safely.”

Yeah – all this after a public backlash and conspiracy that SMRT chief “pah oak” (conspire) with ACS chief to ferry their kids.

Singaporeans have heightened sensitivity to fairness. So the next time your organisation wants to pull a stunt like this, consider the feelings of a normally quiet public because *cough* penguins *cough*



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