Top 14 Times I Feel Damn Proud to be Singaporean

1. When Chow Yuen Fatt said this in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

2. When I’m walking towards immigration at Changi, clock the long queue, and then turn and head straight for the automated clearance gantries #likeaboss


3. Every time we win best world’s airport


4. When I’m driving down the ECP at night and out of nowhere I see this…


5. Every time I see a non-Singaporean carrying a Charles and Keith bag


6. …Or spot someone raving about floss buns in an international Bread Talk outlet


Picture: Bread Talk Colombo, by


7. Or see any amazing home-grown brands like Creative, Banyan Tree Resorts & Spas, Strip Waxing Salons,  who’ve become so successful internationally


8. When Lady Gaga wore our this dress by our very own Ashley Isham.



9. Any time I eat in a hawker Centre… Come on you know it’s true!



10. When I read articles like this


11. And I think about how far we’ve come…and in such a sort time


Picture: Chinatown year unknown, from


12. When I experience the amazing creative talents our city has

[    and ]


13. When I walk down that stretch of South Bridge Rd where there is a mosque, Hindu temple, Buddhist temple and a church within 100m of one another.

And it’s always completely peaceful.


Picture: Sketch by Liz Steel


14. And without fail every single time I hear this song…



So yeah, the haters are always gonna hate, but for better and for worse I am…







We Singaporeans have plenty of complaints – from train delays to haze.

So, we wanted to find out what Singaporeans on the street have to say.

Are we really a miserable bunch of unhappy people?

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