Top 8 Food & Drink Pairings SG Style

1. Soya bean milk and yi char kueh

Okay to the genius who brought dou nai and you tiao together – please can I give you a hug? Sweet, silky soya bean milk with the crunchy, oily dough fritters is just heaven. Ultimate teatime break.

We love: Rochor Original Beancurd, 2 Short Street.



2. Kopi, kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs

The breakfast of champions. This protein boost, and caffeine/sugar overload gets us ready for anything. Bring it on!

We love: Heap Seng Leong, Block 10, North Bridge Road, #01-5109



3. Home-Made Iced Lemon Tea and Mee Sua

Mee sua is a total underdog of noodle dishes. Often in the shadows of its distant cousin, Mee pok, the long thin rice noodles with vinegar, ikan billis, pork and fishballs are lighter and less eggy than mee pok. The lip-smacking vinegar goes perfectly with the strong tang of the lemon slices in home-made iced tea. Wah lau, shiok.

We love: BK Eating House 21 South Bridge Rd (junction of Circular Rd)



4. Bandung and Rendang

Hellooooo rose syrup-spiked milk. In all your pink glory, your creaminess balances the dry piquancy of beef rendang. Not to mention the milk soothes the stomach after the spice.

We love: Rumah Makan Minang, 18 Kandahar Street



5. Teh tarik and curry puffs

Dude. Let’s get serious now. Teh tarik is the stuff. Hot, sweet, milky with a hint of froth in that toffee colour. Heaven. And to take the edge off the condensed milk sugar rush, the spice and crispy pastry of epok-epok. We prefer sardine, but potato does just fine for more low-key flavour.

We love: The nameless teh tarik stall at 21 Bussorah St. (Opposite Kampong Glam Café, next to Jamal Kazurah Perfuem Shop)


6. Milo Beng and prata

Iced milo, gao gao (extra strong) with doughy prata. Preferably after 3am and with a couple of vodka red bulls in your system. Really hits the spot.

We love: Casuarina Curry Restaurant 138 Casuarina Rd


7. Teh O Peng and Nasi Lemak

First of all teh o peng (Iced black tea) is totally different from home-made lemon tea. Second of all, it’s just right with coconut milk-infused rice and crispy fried chicken wings.

We love: Bread Talk (no, really!) Several locations across Singapore.


8. Lime Juice and Fish Head Curry

Again we don’t know who invented this, but the icy sweet sour lime juice is just the thing for the heavy, rich spice of fish head curry. The lime cuts through the thick gravy and – dare we say it – cleanses the palate for the next bite!

We love: Samy’s Curry, 25 Dempsey Rd.


Writing this piece and being out of Singapore was absolute torture, anyone can FedEx one of these meals to me?





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