Attempted rape at Marina Bay Sands

A man carrying a plastic bag with condoms, a vibrator and sex toys, wandering around Marina Bay Sands during Christmas day last year was sentenced to mandatory treatment.

Zainal Ariffin Selamat, 38, a jobless man, suffered from schizophrenia and had relapsed into an unsound mental condition on the day.

He had seen the 28 year old woman checking in and carrying her luggage up to her room.

Ariffin tailed her into the lift and offered to carry the luggage for her. Being the gentleman, after helping her move her luggage out of the lift at her floor, he proceeded to follow her.

Nervous and suspicious, the woman picked up her pace. As she approached her room and opened the door, Ariffin grabbed her hands and pushed her inside.

The woman screamed and her boyfriend who was in the bathroom responded, Ariffin fled. The boyfriend caught up with him and detained him until police arrived.

The defendant admitted to intention of having sex with the woman and he would have pushed on even if she was unwilling.

Ariffin, is a married man and was ordered to complete a mandatory 2-year treatment order. His wife paid a $5000 bond to ensure that he attends the treatment sessions.

Ariffin was given a lighter charge and sentence due to his mental condition.



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