Café Fest: “Do I have to foot the bill for your mistake”?




Café Fest organisers have agreed to compensate frustrated patrons, but offers of compensation have made customers even angrier.

Vouchers have been offered in place of refunds, however the terms of use have been criticised as “complex” and “insincere”.

Patrons are also annoyed at having a $5 value deducted to contribute towards the festival’s operating expenses.

A Facebook post on their site claims “…we had to utilise $5 from every ticket and channel the bulk of the revenue from ticket sales towards paying off the festival expenditure.

This means if you have paid $30 for your ticket, you will be compensated with vouchers valued at $25.

Here are some of the other conditions required of voucher holders:

  • Only two vouchers at a time can be used at most (denomination of vouchers are $5)
  • They are valid only within the month of October.
  • Customers can only collect one voucher from each of the six cafes involved.

Some comments on their Facebook page have expressed a desire to raise complaints to CASE.

To attend the inaugural Café Fest, patrons had paid up to $30 for a VIP ticket that entitled them to discounts, express queues and exclusive access to an arena of café stalls, live music and a goodie bag worth S$100.

Over 4,000 eager café hoppers arrived only to find non-paying members of the public, stalls with food mostly sold out, snaking queues with no places to sit.

The organisers have reportedly realised profits of over $100k from the event.


This magazine made an attempt to contact the organisers for comment a week ago and has yet to receive a reply.




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