Ever seen LKY as Yoda?

So here we have a local artist who drew a series of caricatures of Mr. Lee in Hollywood superhero style.

Ms Chan Shiuan, 26, who was once an air stewardess of 5 years before quitting to become a full-time artist.


Her caricature series, titled “Lee Kuan Yew Cosplay” features the founding father as various Superheros including Yoda from Star Wars and Magento from X-Men.

The artist thought she felt it was a good fit as she saw Mr Lee as someone who always felt he was right in his own way and this is the kind of character she felt Magneto was as well. Her friends saw her work and they suggested she do more.
The young artist was always warned by people that she would get into trouble for using Mr Lee as the subject of her cartoon caricatures. But really, there’s nothing to fear.

She shared that she was at first worried about the series, jokingly saying that she had to calculate if she had enough money for bail.

However she said that she chose characters that didn’t make fun of Mr Lee or make him look silly. She said that she hoped people understood that the artworks were about keeping an element of fun and she tried to avoid villains.


The LKY Superhero collection was reported to be well received by the visitors to the Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention.

Some of Chan’s other work here:









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