Roy Ngerng and gang heckle special needs children from YMCA

Today’s “general protest” by Roy Ngerng and Han Hui Hui happened to coincide with a YMCA (the Young Men’s Christian Association) event. YMCA had booked the slot in April, before the protestors even decided on a date.

The Director of National Parks is seen here having a tough time trying to appease both the YMCA and the protesters – making way for both parties to use a common area.

Well, without giving too much opinion, here are two videos you can watch to decide who’s right, who’s wrong, what’s in store for Singapore when these youths (we’re talking both YMCA and the protest leaders) run the country in the future.

Here’s a video of protestors heckling special needs children performing at the YMCA event.



Here’s a small skirmish between the Ms. Han and the Director of National Parks.



Who are the real bullies now?






  1. The Speaker’s Corner rules are clear.

    “The Commissioner reserves the right to cancel any approval or disallow any event or activity at any time without prior notice … where in the Commissioner’s opinion the event or activity may endanger or cause discomfort or inconvenience to other park users and/or the general public …”

    I believe NParks clearly told the protestors to use a section of Hong Lim Park that was not being used by YMCA but Han Hui Hui refused to listen. HHH’s own video establishes that.

    1. Mr Chiah introduce himself as NPark Director rather than, “I am the commissioner of the Park”.

      Either way you look at it, it’s a job badly done by the authority. The commissioner should have rejected Ms Han application at the very first place rather than last minute coordination. It is also inconsiderate for the weak, old and underprivileged for YMCA to apply the event at Hong Lim Park, commissioned since 1 Sep 2000 to be for demonstration aloud. Imagine these people get hurt as a result for their poor planning. Its wrong from the very start. The authority should shoulder the bigger portion of the blame, period.
      Its simply disgusting for such thing to be happening.

      1. Before just blindly placing all the blame on the authorities, consider how the event could have been successful if Ms Han and the Roy Ngerng protestors had simply moved to the space as requested by Mr Chiah – not an unreasonable request.

        There are good reasons to allow two events at such a large space, especially if both don’t require the use of the entire venue. Of course, this can only work if everyone acts in a reasonable manner.

        The authorities and the law can only go so far. Showing concern for fellow citizens should always be the policy, regardless of any black-and-white documentation.

        P.S: I do hope you are aware that YMCA is a special needs group i.e. contains “underprivileged” individuals, as your comment does not seem to imply knowledge of this fact. Roy Ngerng’s group is not one.

      2. Just a piece of my mind:
        If the commissioner rejected Ms Han’s application in the very first place, what would they say about the government?
        “PAP suppresses their political opponents by disallowing them from speaking. Show me the law, under which section are we not allowed to speak at Hong Lim Park with a permit”?

        Even if they applied for their permit, they should stay at the designated area assigned to them. No crowd, so? They will gain attention from their own supporters no matter which part of Hong Lim Park’s Speaker’s Corner they are hiding at.
        Even if it wasn’t assigned, isn’t it insensitive to be fighting over a space with YMCA?
        Singapore only allows peaceful demonstrations, so if any protesters were to turn violent and participate in any kind of assault, the police will deal with it according to the law.
        Their causes are so different. Obviously anyone in the right mind WOULD NEVER start assaulting the other party

    2. Agreed. The guy was quite clearly trying to let both events happen. But HHH was trying to pin it on him that he was being ‘biased’. I mean seriously, if the PAP were truly trying to suppress the event because they were so scared by it, there were a ton of different things they could do.

      Cue the feared ISD, or simply reject the licence to speak etc… why did they even have to play so nice to let these imbeciles come down and treat the Nparks Director as a punching bag?

      Besides, HHH wasn’t trying to negotiate. She was simply trying to bash the Nparks Dir. I mean she could have played nice – he still gave her a reasonably positioned space to use.she kept trying to corner him instead.

      But I think the protestors deserve all the bad press they’re getting now.

      1. Clement if you born after 1963 do not comment HHH. First of all why did NP director bring two sides and talk instead approached one sided just because MP is there on YWCA. I am 70 years old now when i was 14 years old i am PAP supporter. I had seen all sorts Devils while i am working for more than 50years and today i am still working.Now PAP know how to bully our Singaporeans. In Hokkien say what you do Heaven is watching what you do.Talk things with reason do not one sided not all humans are perfect in this world. Go to study Master degree and become book sworm, if you are well educater go Oversea take up the challenge and more mindful mature.While i am working many Typical Chinese always bully our own people very disgraceful.

        1. Mr Robert, with all due respect, your argument does not make any sense. Your poor english results in a poorly developed paragraph that personally, I could not understand but that aside, from what I understood you probably meant that from personal experience, PAP has been bullying Singaporeans which is wrong( thats what most of your paragraph says). However this has totally nothing to do with PAP as firstly, the main issue here is why does the protestors have to disrupt the YMCA event, not how should the NParks Director deal with the situation. Personally, I believe that the NPark Director’s action was right. There are 2 spaces available and both events have their own spot. Their requests to use the Hong Lim Park( on the same day) was approved by the authorities because they assumed that both events were conducted by people with basic morals. The Director could not possibly request YMCA to change location because YMCA booked the place 8 months in advance while HHH booked 1 month in advance so by common sense we know that “first come first serve” so YMCA gets the spot they want but they could not deny HHH as by right the protestors have their freedom of speech. The authorities would also assume that the protestors should have the basic morals and courtesy to not disrupt another event that is going on( sadly, they were wrong). They also could not simply ask YMCA to change location as since YMCA booked 8 months in advance, it is also safe to assume that YMCA planned this event for quite some time and to request them to change just 1 month prior to their use would be unfair, not to forget, YMCA is a huge organisation, by common sense we would know that they have to organise numerous events annually hence it is seemingly impossible for them to just change location. Therefore I do not see a reason why any other people should take the blame other than the protestors or those who lead the protestors as with a little self restraint, such thing would not have happened.

    3. I support the the protest against CPF as much as i support the move of YMCA for the needy. When you want to throw the blame on the authority think about how you harass the other organiser just for your own wants. The action of Ms Han is just disgusting to the point that it turns a reversed reaction to the move of anti-CPF. Why? why harass YMCA that has nothing to do with you Han?

  2. HHH and her group of protestors will not win much support or understanding for whatever they are protesting about based on her video. She comes across as a bully who is impossible to reason with.

    People make mistakes and even if the national parks did make a mistake by allowing 2 events to happen at the same time, HHH could have been gracious about it. She could have made her disappointment known to the director and then moved her group to the open space.

    I am a supporter of children with special needs who already have a very hard start in life. It was a performance that they most probably had practiced very hard for. The children had as much right as anyone else to be present in that park and to perform there.

    It could have been a pleasant event for all if there was more understanding and graciousness.

  3. After listening to the exchanges between Ms Han & National Park’s Director, I seriously question the capability, diligence, wisdom and heart of the protestors. Just by the way Ms Han banging her questions at the NP Director, you know what sort of unreasonable person she is. The NP Director has been staying calm throughout the episode. Kudos to him! How could the protestors be so heartless to match to YMCA’s special needs children allocated performance arena just because there are more crowds there. If the protestors speech are good, I’m pretty sure they will fetch their own crowds to their Speaker’s Corner! Unfortunately they are ridiculously unreasonable people!!! Not worth listening to the unreasonable heartless protestors’ speech!!

  4. Actually I think NPark is to blame for this. They should not have given the approval to have two events at the same time, one involving PAP minister, and the other protesting against PAP. This is like putting tweety bird and sylvester in the same cage.

  5. What I really like to know is did the National Parks communicate the activity boundaries of both events beforehand. I think it’s fair to say that the onus is on the regulating authority to duly instruct both event organisers right from the beginning.

  6. It’s like trying to talk sense to Bart Simpson or a 5 year old kid , of which would even prove to be easier. The director had a lot of patience.
    As a Singaporean , I feel…this cannot be the way of opposing. Our opposition parties had sacrificed and pushed and we have come so far since ..and this would take us back a giant leap backwards.

  7. As much as I disagree what is going on in Singapore now under the ‘leadership” of current government , but HHH Actions are totally uncalled for.


  8. I like her guts n she has nice tits – she has my unfailing loyalty for ever n ever! ;P … Surely these don’t qualify me as an ANTI – right? Cos I’m not into Politics – too shim for me to grab anyway, lah!

  9. All the ruckus would have been solved if the NParks director just tore up HHH’s permit in front of the camera with a verbal statement….

  10. What unbridled and unmitigated arrogance! Where does she get off barking at the National Parks Director like that? I wonder if she realises what a tremendous disservice she is doing to her ’cause’ and that of her associates by such petulance and uncalled for, absolutely poor behaviour. She should go to a ‘liberal democracy’ such as the USA and mouth off to the authorities in a similar situation there – and see where that gets her. She would then feel well done by here in Singapore, I guarantee her.

    Why in the world did she opt for Singapore citizenship if she (apparently) detests this society so much? That is the most baffling aspect of this whole case in my view as a ‘new citizen’ myself. Her vehemence against the PAP government is also evident in her endless diatribe.

    My utmost respect for the National Parks Director for the way he handled the situation together with his associates.

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