How to make out, Singaporean style


Friday coming liao, I think many pple will go pak tor tonight. But guys, do you have problem getting sexy time from your partner? Don’t know how to open your mouth to ask stylishly? Today, I’m gonna teach you how to drop the hint – Singaporean style.


1. Come darling, let’s go staircase sit sit.

Couple engages in heavy petting at carpark staircase

2. Dear, this café so empty can I sit with you?


3. So hot tonight, dear stay in my car a bit longer lah!


4. Shall we go camping, surely so romantic!


5. Oh, let’s go see the beautiful beach at East Coast!


6. Dahhhling, let me insert my Singapore culture into your Asian values can? 


7. Come dear, let’s go to the back of the bus…away from all the people…


8. ‘lahling, my teacher today teach us sex-education, need your help with project leh…


9. Baby let’s go to the playground and play see-saw? I up, you down?



10. I like your big lorry on top of me!



But whatever you do hor brudders, be careful to look around hor….don’t otherwise tio Stomp!







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