If you claim to be Singaporean, you must watch this video.

We’re talking about this ShiGGa Shay video. If you hold a pink IC and a red passport, do yourself a favour.

Watch it.

Singlish. Hokkien. Tamil. Malay. Simi also have.

Rap? Check. Pigeons? Check. Songkok? Also check.

Fresh out of NS, Shigga Shay told FSAAM it wasn’t difficult to put the song together. “ I wanted to showcase the different languages Singapore’s uniquely known for because I always felt that a song like this should be done. It wasn’t really difficult to write, because it’s kinda like market language,” he says.

And the Flo-Rida-esque whistle? That Shigga predicts “everybody gon have as a ring tone”?

“Don Richmond (producer) came up with the whistle, he was the genius behind that,” Shigga confessed. Nice one, Mr Richmond!

No doubt about it, this is set to be an anthem. Expect them to be playing it in the clubs across SG, so we can all get our groove on like true blue born & raised #LionCityKia

“Live & die red & white / Sam Bo?”

Nice one Shigga.

The next time your foreign friend comes and visit Singapore, remember to tell them to:

“Welcome to lion city / where we grew up HDB / Party kalanguni come and holler at me”



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