Is the iPhone 6 ad trying to tell us something?


To be honest, this new iPhone is leaving me a little… inadequate. Partly because my iPhone 5S is now strangely beginning to malfunction and partly because the iPhone 6 is telling me things that women have been telling me otherwise.

Y’know… for the longest time, I’ve been consoled that size doesn’t matter. Guess what Apple says now?




Nevermind that, they totally rub it in your face with a comparison.




The point is, the more money you have to *ahem* blow, the bigger the phone in your pocket.




They say that it’s not the size of your tool, but how you use it. Doesn’t sound like it anymore :(



…and the phone is especially useful in these touch, pay and then go situations.


Oh, oh…. remember this number?


The last time this number was announced in Singapore, this happened:

May Day 01

With great size, comes great responsibility. I’m pretty sure that when the excitement has climaxed, you’ll be going back to feeling inadequate… waiting for the next Apple toy to play with.









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