Lesbian lover on murder charge

Two girls holding hands

A 25 yr old woman is on trial for the attempted murder of her lover, a 22-yr old woman.

Ms. Giselle Shi Jia wei has had a rocky relationship with her lover Ms. Ummul Qurratu Ain binte Abdul. On the 22nd of July, in a hotel room in Geylang, Giselle was alleged to have stabbed her lover in the chest with a knife.

Ms. Ummul said that the two got to know each other in 2010 before becoming romantically involved in July 2011. Ummul then moved into Giselle’s house without her parent’s knowledge.

When Giselle’s mother found out about her lover, she asked her to leave. The couple them moved to Malaysia and later returned to Singapore.

Ummul said that Giselle was “possessive, calculative and insecure”, even asking her to restrict her career options and delete her Facebook account. They would squabble over the use of toiletries and even matters of finance and jealously over things that Ummul said.

On the 14th of July, Giselle saw Ummul receiving a hug from a male friend, she flew into a rage – later asking to end the relationship.

On the 21st of July, Ummul agreed to meet Giselle for “the last time” for closure. After supper, the couple headed to a hotel room in Geylang and engaged in “physical relations”.

The next day, Giselle asked if they could start afresh whilst they watched television in bed. The idea was rejected by Ummol. Giselle later whipped out a knife and pierced the knife into Ummul’s chest.

She managed to escape and sought help from a member of public. Ummul was then rushed to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.







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