Malaysian sentenced to death for drug trafficking

To die for


A man was sentenced sentenced to death yesterday for the trafficking of 22.24g of heroin into Singapore.

On the morning of the 12th of April 2012, Prabagaran a/l Srivijayan was apprehended at the Woodlands Checkpoint. He had on hand 2 bundles of diamorphine wrapped in black masking tape hidden in the arm rest console of the car he was driving.

The 27 yr old Malaysia explained he had no knowledge that the two bundles in his car were prohibited drugs and pleaded not guilty.

The contrabands were seized and later tested to contain diamorphine.

Trafficking of more than 15g of heroin into Singapore carries the death penalty.

After a full trial, the High Court convicted him of drug trafficking on July 22.

Prabagan explained he had borrowed the car from a friend as his own motorcycle was unable to be used. He worked as a shop assistant at a petrol pump station in Malaysia, had come into Singapore that day in order to return his work permit and gate pass to a former employer here.

The prosecution asserted that Prabagan had been untruthful and his statements were “unconvincing, riddled with inconsistencies and cannot be believed”.

Lawyers representing the accused said that they would be filing appeal on the conviction.








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