Parliament Roundup, translated into simple English



traffic police
LTA, Traffic Police will not easily accede to Traffic Police summonses appeals
Translation: They wun “pang chance”, just pay your summons and carry on

It is reported that both the Traffic Police and LTA will not accede to appeals for charges to be cancelled or waived unless there are “very strong extenuating factors”.

If everything can appeal then have law for what?


Remote Gambling Bill to outlaw gambling activities via communication platforms, including online gambling
Translation: Singapore Pools moving into online business

Just joking only lah, dun say we say got collusion hor. Anyway, the Remote Gambling Bill introduced in Parliament on Monday provides for a tightly controlled exemption regime, said the Ministry of Home Affairs.


tan chuan jin
More than 31,000 Singaporens have signed up with the National Jobs Bank
Translation: JobsDB, JobStreet and will be going out of business soon.

Minister of Manpower Tan Chuan Jin said that the Jobs Bank and the Fair Consideration Framework was not set up to guarantee local job seekers that they will always get the job. This will continue to be determined on the basis of merit, and to the best applicant for the job.

The purpose of the National Jobs Bank is to prevent the forming of foreigner enclaves in some companies as a result of unfair hiring practices.


Indranee Rajah

Emphasis needed that ASPIRE is not about nullifying the importance of a degree
Translation: Don’t drop out of school yet you si gi nah.

“We also need to change the way we think about how we recognise and reward people, and also in how we see jobs. Value every person – not seeing them just as an employee or a worker but as a person with potential, and giving each one a chance to grow and develop.” said the MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC


pritam singh
520 complaints regarding rental of apartments via AirBNB prompts “study” into impact of home-leasing websites

Opposition MP for Aljunied GRC, Pritam Singh raised questions about the current measures in place to regulate these practices and if so, how they are being enforced.


Average price of of 5-room flat in non-mature estate is $386k
Translation: Relak lah, can still buy house one.

Minister for National Development Khaw Boon Wan said that the “prices of BTO flats in mature estates are higher, given their locational advantages and wider range of facilities”.


Pioneer Generation Package: Close birth date not grounds for appeal
Translation: Sorry uncle, you not old enough yet wait next year…

The Appeals Panel for the Pioneer General Package has decided it will not accede to appeals on the basis that the birth dates marginally missed the eligibility date. Relak lah, everyone sure got chance one (if the PG package will be repeated that is!)


Amendments to Road Traffic Act passed
Translation: Sim Lim Square Ah Bengs report surge of sales of in-car phone mounts

A motorist will still be able to use his mobile device if it is mounted on a hands-free holder, and this prompted several Members of Parliament (MPs) to suggest expanding the scope of the Act.


HDB allowed 1800 applicants to sublet flats even when within the Minimum Occupation Period
Translation: HDB! Y U NO BE STRICT?!

…because, on a case by case basis, these flat owners were unable to occupy their flats for a short period of time due to valid reasons such as overseas work or study.


amy khor
Re-employment better accepted by employers, 99% who turned 62 offered re-employment
Translation: Don’t scared got no job, sure got pple hire one!

Dr Amy Khor also said that where employers are unable to offer re-employment to eligible employees, they should offer such employees a one-off Employment Assistance Payment. She said in unfortunate events where retrenchments are necessary, employers should carry out retrenchment responsibly and in consultation with the union if the company is unionised.








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