Parts of Orchard to become no-car zone


Parts of Orchard Road will be closed to traffic on the first Saturday evening of every month. This will affect the roads between Singapore Marriott Hotel and Paragon between 6pm to 11pm.

This is part of a six-month initiative led by Orchard Road Business Association (ORBA) and the Singapore Tourism Board. Dubbed “Pedestrian Night”, the closure would create more space for activities on the streets.

ORBA Chairman May Sng commented, “Pedestrianising Orchard Road ads another dimension to our iconic precinct. Orchard Road will no longer just be a shopping belt, but a vibrant lifestyle destination with an array of activities for all to enjoy. We hope this initiative, together with our existing events such as Christmas on A Great Street and Fashion Steps Out, further established Orchard Road as this distinctive and must-visit lifestyle epicentre in Singapore.”

Orchard Road is the first major road to be closed for vibrancy. Previous pilot projects on smaller roads such as Club Street and Boon Tat Street (next to Lau Pa Sat) have proven successful and popular.

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So leave the car at home, stop fighting for parking lots and dealing with traffic jams – take the trains and join the party in Orchard!



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