So you wanna adopt a cat?

Hello Mr Editor,

I was looking through your archives and really loved all your articles. Especially the one with the depressed cat picture. It’s all swanky, really. I couldn’t help but be filled with a complete, unimaginable rage when I saw your article about adopting puppies here. No, I’m not peeved over the message. Totally loved it. BUT…


To make up for that, I have decided to talk about my experience with the ever-lovely, ever-present and ever-longkang felines.
Feeling lonely in your empty house? Ever thought of having a quiet companion who would cuddle with you but is independent enough to leave your side when you cannot be around for it? Want something minimal maintenance because it grooms itself without your intervention – one that has good hygiene and won’t want to stink up the toilet?

Well, a cat is the perfect choice! Much less needy than a dog and more graceful than one! It pees only in the litter box and nowhere else and, then, covers up its mess quickly before anyone sees or smells it. Granted that you can’t take it for walks, or for a jog around the neighborhood. But this is the exact fuss-free animal for the modern busy society!

Have I caught your attention? Wondering where to get one of these magical creatures now? FOR FREE?
There are many pet adoption drives around Singapore and even more online portals to connect adopters to their fluffy adoptee. One example is Cat Welfare Society of Singapore, where my partner and I got our very own fluffy sassy companion, Cookie!


The resemblance is uncanny.

This was how she looked when we first found her – scrawny and infested with fleas. We brought her to the vet for her first check up and spent about a hundred and fifty dollars just to deworm her and get some flea medication. Mr Editor, you’re right on this. Pets aren’t cheap. Anyways, the kind vet gave us some free cat food to start us off, seeing as we were broke students.
Cookie started to perk up a little, became a little less shy and started moving around the apartment in search for food and water. It didn’t take much effort to train her to use the litterbox. I guess where there be sand, cat expel, spray and projectile. However, we hardly saw her around because she was always in hiding. We didn’t know her history with the previous owner, but I am guessing she wasn’t exposed to human touch a lot.
Time passed by and she put on weight, became healthier and a whole lot more confident of her surroundings without the fleas’ constant irritation.


Much artistic. Very angles. Wow.

She was very cute as a baby but the challenge really began when she started sexually-maturing and went into heat every few weeks. Her constant purring and pushing her butthole at your face were tolerable and kind of cute but her howling at night wasn’t. So, when she reached 6 months old, the very first thing we did was to bring her down to the vet to get spayed. Which cost us money again.
The good news was that she started putting on a lot more weight and became even cuddlier after recovering from the surgery. The sad thing was that her wound didn’t heal right. Cats are known for their flexibility and she managed to get her E-collar out and chewed at her stitches, while we were out of the house. Her wound started developing a bump beneath her skin, and we had to bring her back to the vet where it was confirmed to be an infection. So she had to be kept in a cage with the clinic for a week while her wound healed entirely before we could bring her back again.
After her recovery, she was healthy and happy and ready for cuddles again without having the urge to shove her exposed butthole in our faces. Now she is the perfect lap cat. Of course that is if you are tolerant of cat fur all over your garment.

However, a cat is not for everyone. With every animal comes responsibility, even if it is only minimal. A cat doesn’t need as much attention as a dog, but it definitely can’t be ignored just cuz you don’t have time to tend to its needs. A cat does groom herself so baths are hardly necessary, but being a household cat does not really agree with a cat’s nature of constant fur shedding. Therefore brushing through their coats to remove excess fur every month is required if you don’t want a mountain of fur in the house. Even though a cat takes care of its own toileting needs, you still have to dispose of the cat litter monthly. Cats also scratch furniture. A LOT. So be prepared to see holes in your favorite leather sofa if you ever plan to adopt the love-spawn of a cactus and teddy bear.



Sure. Owning a cat’s fun but there IS work involved. Upon adoption, you have to be committed to giving them a loving home. Throwing them back out on the streets after you’ve had your fun with them, and decided the responsibilities are too much, is cruel. They will have recognized you and your scent by then, and would want to seek out for your attention. Household cats are also more trusting of humans and this can easily lead them to become victims of cat abusers and killers in the estate. If you can, and are willing, to give homeless cats a good life, please don’t hesitate to make the first move!
With love,
An Avid Cat Molester and Rabid Fan of Five Stars and a Moon (muackz)






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