Someone puked on the train – what do you do?


There’s so much weird shit about ugly Singaporeans on the internet lately – aunties shrieking a vendetta against ZARA tees… to Singaporeans laying a literal shitstorm outside a populous MRT station.

It’s easy to lose faith in our fellow Singaporeans in light of all these. I’d be ashamed of being one if all this continued, trust me.

Something happened last Wednesday night that restored my faith in our fellow countrymen.

So here I was happily riding home on the train on a quiet Wednesday night, minding my own business and listening to my own tunes…

…and then someone puked onto the ground next to me.

It was the threefold chunky waterfall of vomit. The kind that splattered all over the ground. With all the texture of digested oatmeal.

Here is a photo for your reference:


Instagram filter added to make it prettier!

Some puke also happened to splatter on the surrounding ladies (and my hapless bag). Needless to say, there was a whole lot of feminine shrieking from the ladies – and some rather manly ones from the guys.

I’ve also never seen an entire crowd move to the centre of the train that fast!

Some of the aunties who got splattered on were shooting poisonous glares at him while the vomiting guy continued… well… vomiting.

So there’s this guy getting all embarrassed and everyone’s avoiding him like the plague and you could almost read it already on STOMP.

Story ends here. Right?

It didn’t.

A gentleman came over, supported the guy (and got splattered) and brought him to sit down. This open act of kindness opened up a dam for more kind souls to pour in.

A middle-aged lady came forward to offer him some of her medicated oil. Then another young lady (in her twenties, I think) offered him a drink and sat beside him, so that he wouldn’t be embarrassed by himself.

The aunties who ran away had a look of shame on their faces – probably thinking why they didn’t help.

We get a whole lot of bad press in the media, talking about how millennials, and youths and wizened folks and governments and everything in Singapore is pouring down the drain in a perpetual mire. It’s easy to get convinced that this nation and its people are disgustingly hopeless.

Until you actually get to see people coming together to act in kindness. And I was given the privilege to see it all in action.

It all starts with a simple act of kindness.

I’m glad that this scene didn’t appear on Stomp or some trash site like “The Real Singapore”. Because once it goes online, the pricks of the internet are going to call him “foreign talent”, blame the PAP, scold the SMRT, make fun of him, make bad jokes about puking.

I’m glad that everyone kept their phones in their pockets and offered some real help and sympathy.








  1. For other concerned netizens, don’t worry. I was handing out wet tissues to the guy likka woah. ;)

    But gotta have sexy, sparkly photos to show that this isn’t made up.

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