“Survey: Commuters are less happy now with transport services than before”




We can’t believe a survey had to be commissioned to prove this.

We’re not sure why, but Singapore Management University’s Institute of Service Excellence, commissioned a study to show people are generally less satisfied with transport than they were in previous years.

Hardly a dramatic revelation.

MRT services also took a hit with a 6.8% drop in satisfaction.

Consumers generally felt worse about the services of taxis (6.1% drop) as well as buses (3.6% drop).

Well… what goes down, must come up isn’t it? Let’s see how they’ll bring satisfaction back to transportation again…

Oh yeah, bet you didn’t know: the study reveals that commuters who used multiple modes of transport to get to work were less satisfied with transport services than those who only took an MRT.

We’re predicting the next survey: Singaporeans feel that car prices are more expensive now than before.







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