The Group President of GIC takes the MRT to work

lim siong guan photo

Mr. Lim Siong Guan, group President of Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund takes the MRT to work and runs his own personal errands instead of asking his secretary.

Oh yeah, he also alights two stations earlier and walks the rest of the way. For fitness.

Now, if he was doing this what about you office rats out there? This is a man who’s remuneration is enough to (probably) acquire him a fleet of Lamborghinis. However, he reportedly owns a Volvo S60 because, well you know – being humble and all.

Apparently he doesn’t think he should waste money booking hotel rooms, preferring to sleep on the plane. He said no to corporate limousine and squeezes on the MRT with the rest of us.

Call him cheap, but hey you need this sort of thrifty attitude when you’re heading a team that manages over $200b of this nation’s money!


Read more about his exploits with the EDB and GIC here:



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