Theft from offering bag at New Creation Church



Simon Khor Hock Huat, 61, was jailed for a year on Wednesday for forging a cheque he had taken from an offering bag during a church service.

The man altered the name of the intended payee, New Creation Church, to his own name in March this year.

A second charge of criminal misappropriation of the $500 Citibank cheque is being taken into consideration

Whilst attending a worship service at New Creation Church on March 9, Khor dipped into the offering and took out an envelope containing the cheque. He then altered the cheque, cancelling the original payee’s name (New Creation Church) by striking out the name with a line and inserting his own name. He also forged Mr Ng’s signature and wrote his bank account number at the back of the cheque before deposit.

UOB staff contacted the original owner of the cheque to affirm if indeed this was the intended payee. The owner confirmed it was not and the cheque dishonoured.

Khor is a repeat offender and had committed offences in churches. In 2000, he stole a $20,000 cheque from a 59-year-old retiree worshipping at St Andrew’s Cathedral and forged her signature.

District Judge Low Wee Ping said: “You seek help from the church but yet had the propensity to steal from the church.”

Charges against him in the after life still pending…







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