Who is the girl that made the LKY video?

This morning, I was determined to wake up to happy, fluffy, unicorn stuff.

And this pops up on my Facebook news feed:

Which totally put a smile on my face.

The vid is a 2 min clip of her creating a confetti mural in the image of LKY, using his upcoming birthday as an opportunity to pay him a tribute for a job well done. She also gives a shout-out to all Singaporeans to join her in this movement, encouraging them to make something, anything, to the best of their abilities, just as he has given his best.

And we reached out to her, to ask:



Catherine Leck |   designer @ Anywool

The lady behind the #HappyBirthdayLKY Movement


Editor: Why do this, and Why LKY?

Cat: To me, he is someone who displays the quality of a leader. Someone who does what he thinks is right, true to himself, regardless of what others say. I often look at people think about the attributes I could learn from them. I’m inspired by Lee Kuan Yew’s attitude towards doing his best for Singapore and moving ahead with his vision in building this country no matter what setbacks he had encountered. So, just wanted to give my best to him for his birthday coming up. I think there is plenty to learn from his attitude. Even in his personal life, he makes a commitment to stay healthy by swimming everyday when he could. Everyone can learn from that.


Editor: How did this come about?

Cat: I like doing plate-art – using ketchup, and soy sauce, and anything really. A friend saw some of my pics on Instagram, and one of them was Mister LKY, and told me I should take it to a bigger scale. So here it is! The artwork took me an 1.5 hours, editing the video took me 5hrs, but I enjoyed every second of it.


Editor: Now What?

Cat: I hope to inspire gratitude among Singaporeans and hope as many can join me to show our appreciation while he still can see it…


Editor: Who’s Next?

When I do an artwork it is purely to express a concept. I am thinking of doing a huge artwork of Lee Hsien Loong using the dragon in dragon dance as his Chinese name is 显龙. But getting the materials will need sponsors so I will just let nature take its course. I would love to use any subject but it is just that I don’t follow much entertainment news, nor politics for that matter. I love Singapore so naturally I will start with some figures everyone know. If I’m inspired by a popstar next, I would. LKY is actually not the first artwork I had done. My first was an artwork of Wesley Chan from Wong Fu Productions done with only threads.


But we have news for you Catherine: Mr. LKY is no longer “Minister Mentor”. He has stepped down from holding any Government positions since the 2011 elections and is now a mere Member of Parliament.


Check Catherine out on Instagram: @CatherineLeck







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