Why I’m Not Doing The Ice Bucket Challenge


  1. The campaign is wildly successful, and over $100 million has been raised to fund research. Thanks to their innovation, clever use of social media and risk-taking, the ALS Association has rightfully gotten financial and emotional support of people all over the world.


[Full story is here on the New York Daily News]


Think they have more than enough, no?


  1. I think it’s more worthwhile to volunteer time, skills and talents to causes I have a personal connection with. Which is why I have been volunteering and raising awareness for all sorts of great causes – AWARE (www.aware.org.sg), Emerge Lanka (www.emergeglobal.org), and Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief fund – for years. Money is great, but many NGOs need skilled labour. That’s what I’ve done long before there was ice bucket and what I’ll do long after ice bucket is no longer cool.


  1. Obama didn’t do it. So… 



  1. I’m just not sure Big Pharma needs that much money for research. Considering they test on animals, (thanks for bringing that to my attention Pamela Anderson!). I feel more research should go into prevention not a cure.



  1. The razzle dazzle and slick marketing of it all feels a little too much like the pinkwashing of breast cancer research. And you guys know that I feel Pink October has lost the plot.




  1. The last time someone asked me to pouring cold water all over myself I sued them for sexual harassment.



  1. Being nominated on Facebook kinda feels like being thrown under a bus. Or being invited to a wedding at some 6-star hotel and dinner is $250 per head. So either way, I lose.








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