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Dear FiveStars,

My employer showed me this letter he received the letter from the CPF board recently and it got me excited enough to want to share this with you.

You see, for the longest time, employers have not been contributing CPF to those of us near retirement/remployment age. The reason? To help the company save money.

But why the discrimination? Are we any less productive? Are we any less capable? Do we have any less experience? If the answer is no, then why does a company not want to pay us what the younger staff are getting?

If a company can’t even afford to pay this few hundred dollars more of CPF for us – then maybe you might want to question if this company is even capable of staying in business.

Doesn’t everyone have a part to play in the building of a caring, thoughtful and successful nation?

Whichever organisation that lobbied for employers to raise the CPF payments to workers, thank you. Thank you for keeping tabs on capitalist greed and reminding them they have a role to play in society too.

Jake Tan







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