33 LINE accounts get hacked


There have been 33 cases of fraud involving hacked LINE chat accounts. Each one with the modus operandi of asking friends to purchase iTunes gift cards.

The fraudster first gains access to a victim’s LINE account and thereafter poses as the victim to send messages to phone numbers in the victim’s contact list. The fraudster would then ask the victim’s friends to purchase iTunes gift cards – speaking naturally as a real person, so it would be hard to tell if it really is a person or not.

The police have advised users of the app to be wary of such requests and to change their passwords to very strong, very secure combination of numerals and upper case letters. Change the passwords regularly and be careful when disclosing information that would identify who you are publicly.

If you have information related to this scam, please call the Police hotline at 1800-2550000 or 999 to receive urgent police assistance.







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