Singapore, one of the best cities

London has recently been crowned the best city in the world for opportunity by Price Waterhouse Cooper, with Singapore coming in third behind New York City. And seeing that Singapore is a Nation as well as a city, that would rank us the best country for opportunity.


The judging criteria were based on levels of Health, Safety, Security, The Economy and Transport. Even with the rise of complaints we’ve had not too long ago about train delays and overcrowding, we’ve still managed to stand out and still maintain a level of efficiency worthy of our position in the world.


Singapore beat out cities such as Paris, Sydney and Hong Kong, and it shows when we look at the infrastructure in place within our healthcare, standard of education, and cultural diversity. It may not always be sunshine and rainbows on our tropical island but it’s impossible to deny that we do have a healthy economy, a harmonious society and peace of mind when it comes to crime and safety.

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