8 tell-tale signs you’re an ATTENTION SEEKER!



1. You delete a photo on Instagram if there are too few likes… Only to post it again, several hours, in hopes that more people will see it and like it. Because timing matters.



2. You follow people on social media… only to unfollow them immediately once they follow you back.




3. You are extremely good at changing the topic. To yourself. Your friends talking about the Ebola…aaaannndd….you start talking about that time you went holidaying there.




4. You have no volume control.  You’re just sharing your words of wisdom with the rest of the world, unsolicited.



5. Every day seems like a scene out of your personal movie or drama series and every little thing in your life has to be documented and dramatized as much as possible.




6. You constantly post sad, sad, sad status update of yourself that goes something like “my life is mess, i must kill myself, everything is not going to be all right”



7. You flood your Facebook page with more than 40 posts a day



8. Your Instagram and Facebook pages are dominated with selfies









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