Are We Ready to Pedal?

Minister Khaw Boon Wan noted in a blog post that Singapore is “quite walkable”, however lagging behind other similar cities such as Amsterdam and Copenhagen.









It isn’t too ambitious to say that it is a possibility to walk or cycle from point to point in Singapore, many do it on a recreational level. Making it a means of viable transportation for the vast majority of the population might be a little tougher. As it is we’ve seen a rise of road rage amongst cyclist and motorist on the roads in the past year.








Minister Khaw mentioned development plans for a 700km network that would connect neighbourhoods by the year 2030, thats another 16 years to go, a workable time frame to convert and inculcate a plan of such endeavour. The network would minimise the amount of interaction between bicycles and main roads making it a safer and more viable option for cyclists, but is it attractive enough to a population that would much rather take the quicker option to drive.

Examples such as the Punggol-Lorong Halus Connector connecting Hougang, Sengkang, Pungol and Pasir Ris have seen multiple uses by recreational as well as alternative-transport cyclists alike. The ride is not only scenic but offers attractions of it’s own be it the tranquil of nature or dining options along the way.









The efforts to groom such a lifestyle is already underway with safety education programmes like the Safe Cycling Programme for youth in Secondary Schools to cultivate not just the benefits of cycling but also to safety measures.In all, Singapore does have the potential to achieve a task like this and would only be better for it.







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