Big Hit for our Tiny Island

As Singapore prepares to hit the big 5-0, Lonely Planet has contributed to all party preparations by naming our island home the best country destination to visit for 2015.

Photo Credits: Lonely Planet
Photo Credits: Lonely Planet


It looks like all the constant development and upgrading to our city which includes the likes of the Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, Resorts World Sentosa, W hotel in Sentosa Cove and such has had a big impact on how the world views our little country.

Aside from stunning architecture, Singapore has also been taking other aspects cultural lifestyle by storm. With a rise in the F&B industry with so many local artisan cafes popping up, as well as having local mixologists put our humble abode on the map. No longer are we just a growing financial force but also a hub for cultural and arts development. Our arts scene has taken off in recent years, with films like Ilo Ilo making the mark in international festivals even appearing on Netflix. Local Fashion Designers have been gaining more and more exposure, and artists and designers are perhaps finally finding a voice.


Credits: Lonely Planet
Credits: Lonely Planet


There will be much to celebrate as our nation hits 50, and as we approach major events like the SEA Games at the colossus that is the Sports Hub I’m very sure Lonley Planet has made a decent decision in picking our country as the top destination for 2015. So be sure to put on your best smiles as we approach the jubilee!


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