Brazilian Man Claimed to Have Predicted Both Malaysian Airline Disasters

Would you have listened if he had told you the same thing?

I’m not someone who would take everything a fortune teller says to heart, in other words I don’t really buy what they’re trying to sell me. I’ve always like to believe that my future isn’t written in the lines of my palm or at the bottom of my tea cup, and although I’ve always found Nostradamus and his prophecies fascinating I’ve never really bought into it.

So when I heard about a man in Brazil claiming that he predicted not one but both of the Malaysian airline tragedies I was skeptical. Jucelino Nobrega da Luz is a self proclaimed clairvoyant, having received prophetic visions from the age of 9. Mr Jucelino apparently tried to reach out to the Malaysian Airline, the Malaysian Embassy in Brazil and Russian President Vladamir Putin to warn them of the impending disasters. He wrote detailed letters and dated them; he mentioned not only the flight number, the location of the disasters but also the amount of life lost. He did all this in 2013, a year before the events took place.











The letters above speak of the two Malaysian Carrier Aircrafts and also includes a receipt for the norwegian post dated 22.04.2013. It was supposedly addressed to President Putin, although how much hand written mail actually reaches the Russian President is a whole different talking point.

He also tried try to warn the Russian President and he also spoke of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia amongst his predictions about the Missile strike and the disappearance of the Malaysian planes. In his letter to the Malaysians, he spoke of faulty turbines, the plane losing communication with ground control as well as the passengers whom boarded with fake passports.











I’m not 100 percent certain that Jucelino Nobrega da Luz is a modern day Nostradamus but if his letters were indeed authentic it would be advisable to pay a little more mind to his prophetic dreams. It is understandable however that predictions such as these would go in one ear and out another, honestly I would pay very little mind to predictions. It isn’t a logical or reasonable basis to make judgements and it would be impossible to prove if any of it holds water without said prophecies coming true.

e.g If I was told not to have fish for dinner because I would choke on a bone and I took said advice and avoided fish for dinner, it would be impossible for me to know if I would even have choked on a bone in the first place.

Predictions are shaky, and they can be eerily right on the money, but it isn’t a science and ultimately it would be impossible to give credence to every single prediction made. It is by far more logical for a government to assume logic and therefore they shouldn’t have to carry added burden and blame to what has already been a troubling time for everybody involved. My condolences go out to all that have been affected by the disasters, and hope that closure will be delivered soon to all that are grieving.






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