Case closed on mile high plagiarist


As the noise dies down on one Derek Low’s not so original post about his luxurious stay on board local carrier SIA’s suite. Travel Blogger Andy Luten, who first voiced his displeasure on reddit, has come out in grateful thanks to the Singaporean Public and Singaporean redditors for aiding in the fight for what’s rightfully his.

Singaporean netizens can be very vocal, and can take a very active role in voicing their concerns. Netizens may not always be right, but seeing the community band together in common cause it does warm the cockles of my heart.


“I’ve said thank you to many individuals as they’ve sent me comments and emails, but I wanted to post this and thank the tens of thousands of people who support authentic content and called out Derek Low.  This has been a wonderful victory in the face of plagiarism, and it’s great knowing people are there to back up those whose works have been infringed.”

Now that’s one happy Ang Moh.



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