Changes to foreign marriage regulations

Foreign Marriage Regulations


(Foreign Marriage Regulations) From January 2015, those of you intending to marry foreigners will be able to apply for Long Term Visit Passes before you get engaged. Currently, you apply for the LTVP only after you have been married. This has resulted in many couples unable to acquire an LTVP nor PR even after marriage.

Because the application process requires partners to declare information such as past marriages, existing children, educational and criminal records, some marriages have broken down when these have been revealed.

Pre-approval of LTVP prior to marriage will allow partners to consider such information, employment and resident status before they take the plunge.

Employers who wish to hire a foreign spouse on long-term visit pass will no longer have to treat them as foreign workers. These people will not be liable for the foreign worker’s levy, nor be considered as part of the dependency ratio (ratio of Singaporean to foreign staff required by MOM).




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