Chinese Mother Chains Nine Year Old


Boy crying wolf or contender for worst mother of the year?

A single mother from China took to extremes in restraining her son after the boy was found alone on the streets by police officers. The nine year old boy told police officers that he wasn’t being treated well and didn’t want to return home with his mother even after she was called down to the police station to pick him up.


So what did mom do? She chained him to her bicycle to prevent him from wandering off. All this after promising both child and police officers that she would improve the way she treats her son. This happened minutes after mother and son left the police station. Ms Li was seen trying to urge the crying and distressed boy along as he clearly refused to go with her.


She explained that she didn’t have a job and lived on a limited income on top of being sole caretaker of her son. She said that she struggles to raise him because he never does what he’s told, and he always runs away from home. According to Ms Li this is the fifth time that he’s tried to run away and she is determined not to let it happen again. She cites safety as her foremost concern not wanting him to wander into trouble such as oncoming traffic.

Seeing as this isn’t his first time he’s successfully managed to run away without harm coming to him, her reasons may seem a little weak. She may have good intentions but perhaps her methods may seem over the edge.



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