Clubbers see Red

Going out at night shouldn’t be as big an adventure as my mother used to nag me about, but recent news may suggest my mother might have been on to something.


The nightlife has always been a place for controversy, with alcohol adding to any situation if tempers do flare. And with the recent case of a bouncer getting slashed I believe that it’s not as safe as we Singaporeans want to believe it is. Yes the dangers of going out at night are still ever present, it’s dark, people are a little more relaxed and in the mood for fun letting down their guard and we have the occasional rowdy drunks.

Still, it takes quite a big burst of rage and adrenaline to get an entire club into a fighting frenzy as you can see from the video below. It is unknown how the brawl actually started but it’s pretty clear that things got ugly really fast.

The video was uploaded by Hera Libra onto her Facebook account, and in it you’d see patrons making a mad dash for the door and trying to put distance between themselves and the brawlers. You’d also see bottles and glasses being thrown around in the frenzy. The events took place in Club Pyramid, the spot once known as Dragonfly located along the St James Strip.

So if you’re looking to paint the town red, do take the necessary precautions in keeping yourself safe.

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