Complaints backfired: Starbucks and the shell shocked student


Have you seen this this morning?


(Link here:

A student posted a rant about how she “left her bags for 30 minutes” at Starbucks and came back to discover her desk cleared away by Starbucks staff.

She thought she was in the right because “she’s a customer after all”.

The poor girl had since deleted the comment and possibly even her Facebook account. The social pressure must have been tremendous and it would be best if online vigilantes left her alone – she’s young, and probably naive at that.

Let’s see what we can glean from this experience:

a.) Cafes generally welcome clients to have a seat, but it doesn’t mean we have a right to hog their tables.

b.) Just because you’ve had bad experience, doesn’t mean you should just take it to the internet. Here’s a letter of apology from one netizen whom published in an inaccurate accusation against a company. The company threatened legal action.



c.) It bothers me how we have a “tit-for-tat” approach to social problems. Because you hog my seats, i must forcibly remove your belongings. And because you remove my things, I will go all social-media on you. Does it need to be like this? Whatever happened to a bit of give and take?


Customers are important.

Businesses are important.

The staff working for a businesses are also very important.

Let’s just value everyone’s place in society.


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