Confinement for Reservist NSmen if They Skip IPPT

Reservists also can tio confinement…better take your IPPT.

Times are changing, no more are the days when reservists or NSmen are going to get it easy for skipping on the mandatory IPPT (Individual Physical Proficiency Test) and walk away with just a fine. This is the second time in a year that the IPPT has made it into the news, the first was for the change in the system which seems to benefit all NSmen and NSFs and regulars.


As with good news, bad news always seems to follow. So with a new simplified IPPT and more venues to take the test, it seems that the rules have been relaxed a little and with relaxation and leeway the military is naturally afraid that some NSmen might also switch off the ball a little. To establish that these new regulations and designs are in the best interest of NSmen who have to juggle their working and family life, stricter regulations have therefore followed.


This new rule will come into effect come January of 2015. NSmen who skip their IPPTs without a valid reason will be handed a five day confinement along with the mandatory fine and will be “forced” to exercise during their stay in camp. Now looking back to when you were first a recruit, confinements were a dreaded prospect and anyone who’s had their fair share would know this is no laughing matter. According to Colonel Ng the new confinement system will focus on teaching NSmen the different types of fitness modalities and fitness habits.

It is also unclear whether NSmen will be compensated their salaries while they’re in this “Boot Camp” as of yet, so it would be wise to book your IPPTs earlier, keep fit and just pass and collect your reward.







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