Do We Have a New Road Nanny?


Not that difficult to obey a few simple road rules right? Apparently not.

“Samman Aunty lai liao” goes the cry from neighbourhood coffee shops when LTA officers are spotted and the immediate frenzy that follows could almost make this an Olympic event.

When I think about it, I have often wondered why drivers don’t just park and pay appropriately? They thank the lookout for the heads up but there wouldn’t be a mad dash to avoid a summon if everyone would just adhere accordingly.




But check this out – someone got pissed off enough that he had a camera mounted atop his car and patrolling it along the streets to clamp down on drivers that just can’t obey the rules, drivers who use their phones while driving or inconsiderately hog the roads to speeding.

As with all things internet, I really don’t know if this is true. For all I know it could be a car mapping the roads similar to Google Maps Streetview car.


However this does act as a caution for to drivers to keep an eye out for the car and to be on best behaviour if you do encounter it. Why would an adult need a reminder to be a safe driver? Are we Singaporeans that inconsiderate drivers to the extent that we need constant reinforcement to not be a nuisance or menace on the road? Shouldn’t being a safe driver come naturally to us?

The heart is definitely in the right place, but it seems like a shout out from one driver who feels like authorities and rules are a chore to another. Reinforcements aren’t a new concept, traffic police patrol the motorways and speed cameras monitor the speed limit, do Singaporeans really need a road nanny now to deter us from being bad drivers?



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